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Gary Cockaday


Welcome... thank you for taking the time to visit my site. 


I am delighted to announce that both my books are now published. 

The first, Full Circle, published by the wonderful Hobart Books. 

A Moment’s Madness, a sequel of sorts, published by me. My second can be read as a standalone. 



Sex | Lies | Murders - set in Norfolk UK

Available from Kindle

Available from Amazon

Available from most bookshops. 


Love | Lies | Murders - set in Norfolk UK 

Available from Amazon

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Gary Cockaday

Be brave, be wonderful ..

I started writing Full Circle some 25 years ago, soon reaching 70 something handwritten pages. 

Time passed quickly. Days full of family, AmDram (lots of AmDram on & off stage) and a new business. 

Full Circle lay in a drawer, gathering dust but never forgotten. 

The years slipped by ... my boys becoming men, 2 families merged, now 7 of us, 12 with girlfriends & boyfriends. We had a WhatsApp group to check who’s in for supper? 

At the age of 58 I started playing Walking Football for Norwich City FC, the team I’d always supported. At the age of 61 I played for England in the sports first World Cup. 

I blew the dust off Full Circle whilst shielding and hiding from Mrs C my A&E wife in 2020 completing the first draft by the summer. 

Friends have read it, one in two nights, their contribution invaluable as I rewrote many times .. 

I hadn’t intended to write a second but one day the words flowed. A Moment’s Madness wasn’t intended to be a sequel but my two favourite cops rather forced their way in. 

The first draft was completed in ten weeks. 

I hope you enjoy it. 

My first is a gritty crime fiction love story of sorts. My second is a slightly less gritty crime fiction love story of sorts. 

That’s my niche. 

A Moment’s Madness just released. 

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Full Circle 

Set in Norfolk U.K. 

A love story of sorts ... Sex, Lies & Murder 

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Thoughts ...

Sometimes it's the little decisions that have the biggest impacts .. 

James Taylor, son of Sir Reggie Taylor has made some very bad choices. Had he made better choices, 5 people might still be living their best lives. 

Lucy aged 16 returns home to find  her backstreet whore of a mother dead. 

On his release from prison, Richard is determined to find Lucy & Jackie, the two women he has so badly wronged. 

First, he needs to remember why?

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