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A Second?

I used to wonder if I would be a one book writer?

My first took me 25 years to finish.

That's a little stretch, I started it 25 years ago and got to some 70 pages a few times. Finally finding time in lockdown to blow the dust off and start again.

My first novel Full Circle is about to be published by the lovely people at Hobart Books... I will be eternally grateful that they believed in my book and me.

So some 3 months ago I thought I'd try again, I think I needed the time away from my keyboard. I'd spent a year writing the 1st, a year polishing it to get it ready to submit (querying) to agents & publishers. This year it's gone through a second edit, proofreading - we await cover artwork and a date.

It's a long process.

I gave myself a target to finish the 1st draft by this weekend, as we fly to Fhodes in 4 days. This time I 1/2 plotted the outline and the characters (not saying I followed it religiously) last time I made it up (pantsing) as I went along.

It's not a sequel...

That said it's another story of love, sex, lies & murders set in Norfolk UK and yes Mickey & Jo (my two favourite coppers) have jumped from Full Circle to if only.

On my return from holiday I'll start the process - 3 to 4 rewrites, then pass it to my readers, rewriting once back a couple of times then onto my amazing editor; which will generate more rewrites before returning to my editor for a final pass before sending to my publishers with everything crossed that they love it as much as I do.

I'm hoping my readers love both.

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