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It only took 25 years!

It finally happened …

Where do I begin?

I started my one and only book some 25 years ago, my boys were barely walking … I reached 70 something handwritten pages quite quickly.

I rewrote those 70 pages a few times!

Each time life got in the way – heart attack, AmDram, New Business, Pacemaker etc ..

In 2020 we were offered a rather lovely alternative home (Mrs C is an A&E Nurse) with an annex so that we could continue living in the same house. At the time some of her colleagues were living in hotels, sheds, garages & tents!

I had the time and a beautiful view and so the dust was blown off!

I’ve always known the ending, the final scene – the rest was classic pantsing .. the story sometimes surprising me and I was the one sat in front of the keyboard!

I’ve had help along the way, 2 wonderful readers in Laura & Lee and an even more wonderful editor @Paul_Martin 33 of @PaulMartinEdits. So, after about 10 rewrites (it might have been more) and 2 professional edits I was ready to query, with fingers crossed each time I opened my inbox - which I did many times a day!

I had a few nice personal to me rejections and a lot of form ‘not for us’ replies.

One day I received a full request, after checking out the publisher, small but beautiful with no costs to me, I sent it with fingers crossed.

I had another offer but had grown to really like the attitude and the ethos of Hobart Books .com and so, I am delighted to announce that I have signed with the same, looking forward to working with the very talented Adam & David.

We hope to publish intime for Christmas.

Never give up.

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