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Social Media & me…

I hadn’t given much thought to Social Media whilst writing my first book.

I had a Facebook and Twitter, mostly full of family & football.

I hadn’t given much thought to finding an agent or a publisher.

My focus was the book.

Full Circle was rewritten a few times, sent to readers, rewritten again, sent to my wonderful editor twice with rewrites between and after each edit.

Once happy, I queried hard trying to find my agent, my publisher. It was hard work but I received 2 offers-it was an easy decision to work with Hobart Books add a .com to check them out.

But, I digress… I was talking about social media. I started gary_cockaday my book focused twitter. It was easier finding 7000 followers than it is to get traction. I haven’t figured the dreaded algorithm yet but I think it takes more time than I have.

I saw newsletters like this one within various twitter pages.. so with the help of Google I added one.

To my 5 subscribers ‘I thank you’ I’ve tried insta but don’t really get it.

This week I created an author page on Facebook and have 75 followers. I’ve advertised - boosting a couple of posts to understand how it works.

Full Circle should be published in good time for Christmas I may need one of the kids to take over social media.

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